August 7, 2009

2009 FAIR Conference Notes

Here are my notes from the 2009 FAIR Conference which occurred August 6 and 7, 2009. I typed them live as the conference proceeded they likely contain mistakes, omissions and especially spelling errors.

Actual transcripts and recordings and videos are forthcoming from FAIR; many are already available here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wade Miller: Science and the Book of Mormon  

Vickey Taylor: The Sariah Dilemma- Finding Increased Faith When Our Children Misplace Their Own.  

John Gee: The Larger Issue.  

Ugo Perego: Haplogroup X in Light of Recent Book of Mormon Claims  

McKay White: The Kirtland Safety Society: The Myths, the Facts, and the Prophet's Good Name.  

Ron Barney: The Reliability of Mormon History Produced by the LDS Church.  

Robert White: On Being An Apologist: Imperatives, Predicaments, Perils, and Blessings.

Friday, August 7, 2009

John Lynch: "Uh, oh" to "Ah hah!" 20/20 Foresight for a Faithful Future in Defending the Church.

Brant Gardner: Joseph the Seer, or Why Joseph Translated with a Rock in His Hat.

Ron Hellings: Joseph Smith and Modern Cosmology.

Matthew Brown: Brigham Young’s Teachings on Adam.

Greg Smith: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Plural Marriage (But Were Afraid To Ask).

Richard Sherlock: Mormonism in the Public Square.

Daniel C. Peterson: The Temple as a Place of Ascent to God.


J. Stapley said...

I'm not able to attend or listen, so I greatly appreciate your notes. I look forward to it.

Trevor said...

The online streaming should work in a virtual machine running Windows on a Mac.

Jana said...

I appreciate your notes! My little ones don't sit still long enough for me to be able to watch the streaming, so I am grateful for your efforts. Thank you! I am particularly looking forward to today's topics.

Jared T. said...

Good job on the notes, Blair.

BHodges said...

Tired hands!

Matt W. said...

Any Thoughts on "Square Two" I read it was introduced at Fair?

BHodges said...

I thought their presentation overly and overtly promotional, personally. I think it would have fit the purposes of the conference much better if they had simply presented a paper or argument from SquareTwo and perhaps parenthetically explained the new venture. Instead, the presentation explained SquareTwo and didn't do much else. It seemed too much like a commercial.

Matt W. said...

My Wife spent a good portion of the afternoon laughing about how square two takes itself so seriously, and yet produced this review of enchanted.

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