August 22, 2006

The Bloggernacle

A great starting point for those new to the blogging community, this site is a blog aggregator. It lists a multitude of blogs, updating daily with the most recent posts of each.

New site with information on most upcoming LDS-related symposia.

Other Recommended Blogs:By Common Consent
A group blog began in 2004 focusing on social aspects of LDS culture, doctrine and history.

Juvenile Instructor
JI seeks to situate the study of Mormonism within wider frameworks, including American religious, western, gender, etc. history.

Ardis Parshall deals mostly with historical Mormonism.

Jeff Lindsay was one of the earliest Internet apologists. His blog contains respectful, careful, sometimes funny, observational information about the Church.

New Cool Thang
"Mormon musings by yer ol' pals," an interesting and under-rated blog with philosophical leanings.

Patheos Mormon Portal
This is a great site for learning about an impressive variety of religious traditions. The Mormon portal includes commentary by and for Latter-day Saints. I've guest-posted there on occasion.

A religious/women's studies blog by "scholars who love strappy heels, vintage dresses, and cute purses" and "who take an academic interest in women–in their history and in their place in the world today."

Splendid Sun
Jonathan Stapley's historical, social and doctrinal thoughts on Mormonism. Not updated too often.

Times and Seasons
"Quite possibly the most pilloried, yet romantic, onymous Mormon group blog in history."

Other Friends Who Link to LifeOnGoldPlates:

Adventures in Mormonism
Bruce F. Webster's blog on things he thinks and reads about.

American Testament
A blog exploring aspects of the Book of Mormon

Book of Abraham Project Blog
W. V. Smith (BYU Professor of Mathematics) presents an interesting and ongoing look at the Book of Abraham (and the History of the Church as well).

Dave's Mormon Inquiry
Discussion on Mormon culture, history, and other stuff from long-time blogger Dave Banack. Now on

Lehi's Library
"This website is focused on Mormon apologetics and Mormon studies."

The Seer Stone
"Apologia and random thoughts by amateur LDS apologists."

Strong Reasons
"Publicly addressing the 'strong reasons' given by critics of The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so that their 'shame shall
be made manifest' (D&C 71:1-8) as well as presenting some evidences
for the truthfulness of the LDS Church."

Things of My Soul
According to its masthead: "We talk of Christ . . . and we
write according to our (understanding), that our children
(and friends) may know to what source they may look
for a remission of their sins. (2 Nephi 25:26)"


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