March 23, 2011

Joseph Smith Papers Project Blogger's Gathering

Here's the introductory statement from Church Historian Richard Turley, the audio feed for this part of the webcast was scrambled for some users. The video is sideways for the first minute or so but it gets regular right quick. 

Bloggers via webcam (above)

Nate Oman and Ben Huff contemplate.

Rick Turley shows an original copy of the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants

Robin Jensen is into old texts. 

Riley Lorimer worries about editing, typesetting and design for the volumes. 

Bloggers in the window. 

Riley Lorimer and Rick Turley listen to questions from bloggers across the US.

Showing a genealogy of texts. Robin saw me taking it. 

Rick Turley listens to Riley Lorimer discuss decisions about the color used for the photographs of pages of the BoC, etc. 

I'm on TV next to the other bloggers. 


dltayman said...

What was this? FedEx says My copy of RT2 should be getting dropped off on my door any moment now.

BHodges said...

Super secret blogger's enclave at the Church History Library. More notes and pictures to come.

dltayman said...

I'm following wvs' liveblogging over at BOAP. Was there a net feed? Or was this live in person only for all you Utah folk?

BHodges said...

dltayman said...

Dang. How do I get into the Super Secret Blogger cabal that gets such invites? :P

the narrator said...

So is this why Ben Huff hasn't gotten a program up for SMPT, which is only 2 weeks away?

Ben Park said...

I'm disappointed that you didn't get a picture of when I was mimicking Nate for like ten minutes.

BHodges said...

Ha! That was early on, yeah?

aquinas said...

Great photos. I'm still curious what question Ben Park asked that no one could hear, I'm sure it was really good.

BHodges said...

PS- Notes forthcoming.

Tod Robbins said...


Was that a covert video clip? ;-)

David G. said...

Thanks, Blair. I love the pic of Robin noticing you take the pic.

BHodges said...

Ben Park said...

Acquinas: Luckily, Ardis asked my question after I emailed her. It was about how the revelations were used during the succession crisis.

the narrator said...

Was there anything mentioned about distribution--particularly why new books are not sold online through, Barnes and Noble, or Borders?

Clair Barrus said...

Eh, Blair, Word - back at ya!

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