September 7, 2007

Interesting Tidbits: Part 4

Final selection of quotes from volume 2 Beginning tomorrow we'll be back to full posts. Scripture study brings the Spirit: "Brethren and sisters, treasure up the Gospel, read the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, and the Book of Mormon. What does the Lord say? That every one, who will read the Book of Mormon attentively, faithfully, and prayerfully, before he gets through, will receive a testimony of its truth. I know it. If you have lost the Spirit, go and read the Book of Mormon, and the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, and you will get it again, more or less. There are but few who know anything about these books and what they mean," (Heber C. Kimball, 2:233). Be willing to live for the gospel: "Still, in the present short period of life some say that 'this is a miserable world, I do not care how soon I get through.' Well go and destroy yourselves, if you choose, you have all the opportunity that you can desire, there is plenty of arsenic, calomel, and other means, within your reach. But I would not give a cent for such persons; I do not delight in such characters, and I do not believe that the Lord delights in people who wish to die before they have accomplished the work that He designed for them to do. For a person to be willing to die is but a small part of the duties pertaining to the Gospel of salvation and the Gift of eternal life. We ought to prepare ourselves to live in the flesh, and overcome every sin, to live to the glory of God, to build up His kingdom, and to bring forth righteousness, salvation, and deliverance to the house of Israel, until the devil and his associates are driven from the earth, and he and his clan are bound and thrust down to hell, and a seal put upon them. Latter-day Saints who live merely to get ready to die are not worth much; rather get ready to live, and be prepared to live to the glory of your Father in heaven, and to do the work He has given you to do. That is our duty, and then we shall be ready to receive our blessings," (Brigham Young, 2:266). Christ and Belial cannot be friends: I am troubled all the time with, "Brother Brigham," and "President Young, I do love you, President Young," when at the same time some, who use such expressions, will have one arm round my neck, loving me dearly, and the other around the neck of a scoundrel, trying to get Christ and Belial together; this I cannot endure," (Brigham Young, 2:309). Persecution helps the Church grow: "Let the wicked rage and the people mock on, for now is their day, and it will soon be over…for we are determined, in the name of Israel's God, not to rest until we have revolutionized the world with truth; and if you persecute us, we will do it the quicker...If you let us alone, we will do it a little more leisurely; but if you persecute us, we will sit up nights to preach the gospel." (Brigham Young, 2:318). George A. on Christian churches persecuting each other: "…the whole may be considered a practical illustration of the sentiment of the Irish Poet- Who can believe it? the cause is rather odd- They hate one another for the love of God," (George A. Smith, 2:323). You'll be a pioneer in your own sphere: “…do not be discouraged because you were not in the various troubles the Saints have passed through on sundry occasions, for you will get a chance to try yourselves in like scenes, that you may have the same glory, exaltation, and crown," (Ezra T. Benson, 2:347).

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