July 27, 2007

Interesting Tidbits: Part 2

A selection of quotes from Volume 1 We've finished Volume 1; only 25 more to go! During the course of Volume 1 there were many interesting tidbits that didn't fit within the concept of a post. Here are some of the best ones: Soar above the things of time and sense:

The principles of justice, righteousness, and truth- which have an endless duration- can alone satisfy the capacious desires of the immortal soul. We may amuse ourselves like children do at play, or engage in the frivolities of the dance. We may take our little enjoyments in our social assemblies, but when the man comes to reflect, when the Saint of God considers, and the visions of eternity are open to his view, and the unalterable purposes of God are developed to his mind-when he contemplates his true position before God, angels, and men, then he soars above the things of time and sense, and bursts the cords that bind him to earthly objects; he contemplates God and his own destiny in the economy of heaven, and rejoices in a blooming hope of an immortal glory (John Taylor, JoD 1:221).
Every gospel principle is eternal:
Every thing associated with the Gospel of salvation is eternal, for it existed before the "morning stars sang together for joy," or this world rolled into existence. It existed then, just as it now exists with us, and it will exist the same when time with us is no more. It is an eternal principle, and every thing associated with it is everlasting. It is like the Priesthood of the Son of God, "without beginning of days or end of years." It lives and abides for ever. If there is any principle that is not eternal, it is not a principle of the Gospel of life and salvation (ibid.).
The Holy Ghost should be enjoyed daily:
it is the privilege of every Saint so to live and walk before their God, as to enjoy the light of the Spirit of truth from day to day, from week to week, and from year to year, through their whole lives. Without this privilege in the Gospel, connected with the gifts of the Holy Ghost, I should be inclined to believe that the religion that is taught in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon, would amount to nothing more than a mere phantom-an imaginary thing. It would be inadequate to satisfy, in any degree, the mind of man, as it is now organized (Brigham Young, JoD 1:233).
Blessings can be curses:
Do you think persons can be blessed too much? I will answer it myself. Yes, they can, they can be blessed to their injury... Have this people been blessed too much? I will not positively say, but I think they have, inasmuch as their blessings in some instances have been to their injury. Why? Because they have not known what to do with their blessings (Brigham Young, JoD 1:248).
Faith and works, together:
Redemption from the original sin is without faith or works; redemption from our own sins is given through faith and works. Both are the gifts of free grace; but while one is a gift forced upon us unconditionally, the other is a gift merely offered to us conditionally. The reception of the one is compulsory; the reception of the other is voluntary. Man cannot by any possible act, prevent his redemption from the fall; but he can utterly refuse and prevent his redemption from the penalty of his own sins (Orson Pratt, 1:328).
Develop true Mormon grit:
A man that refuses to walk up in the track, no matter what comes, and steadily press forward, though there should be a lion in the way, is not of "Mormon" grit. That was the grit Joseph Smith had; and when he spoke, he spoke by the power of an endless Priesthood, which was upon him; and that is the power by which Brigham speaks. When he stood up in the majesty of his Priesthood, and rebuked the judges here, I know some of our milk-and-water-folks thought all the fat was in the fire. "Brother Brigham has gone rather too far; he might have spoken a little milder than he did; I think it would have been much better," etc. This was the language of some hearts; and I feel to say, damn all such poor pussyism. When a man of God speaks, let him speak what he pleases, and let all Israel say, Amen," (Jedediah M. Grant, JoD 1:341).
Brother Brigham on Lawyers and 'Pettifogging': (Almon Babbit was an early convert to the Church, and a lawyer. When the Church moved West he stayed in the east to finish some cases and other business for the Church. He finally made it to the Salt Lake valley and Brigham gave him a ribbing about his profession.)
Brother Babbit has to law it here, and law it there; though he may not feel justified in doing so, I rejoice to hear him declare that the root of the matter is in him. Would I not rather see him an almighty man before God, thundering out the truths of eternity, and living in the flame of revelation, than see him engaged in the paltry business of pettifogging? I thank the Lord for all the good and for all the faith there is in him. Brother Babbit is near to my heart, for notwithstanding all the faults of the brethren, I love them-the old, middle aged, and young; if they have a particle of love in them for the truth, they are near to my heart. I wish to bind them to the Lord, and to His cause upon the earth, that they may secure to themselves salvation. I am happy, and am made glad this day. If you wish to know what I think of brother Babbit, I will tell you. If we could keep him here a few months, and in our councils a few years, I think that he would despise litigation as he would the gates of hell. If we had him here, we would wrap him up in the Spirit and power of God, and send him to preach glad tidings to the nations of the earth, instead of his being engaged in the low and beggarly business of pettifogging. If he would dwell among us, doubtless he would despise it, for it is from hell, and it will go there (Brigham Young, JoD 1:358).
Have you forgot?:
Have you forgot that you came from God, that He is your Father? Have you forgot that you are aiming to get back to His presence? If you have forgot all this, your conduct and actions now are fraught with eternal consequences to yourselves, to your progenitors, and to your posterity after you. Have you forgot that thousands who have possessed the Holy Priesthood here, still exist in the eternal world, and look with interest upon your conduct and proceedings?... Have you forgot that you are standing in the midst of brethren who have gone behind the vail, who are watching your actions, and are anxious for your welfare, prosperity, and exaltation? Have you forgot that we are living in the last time, wherein a mighty struggle will have to take place between the powers of darkness that are in the world, and the children of light; that it is necessary for us as individuals to gird ourselves with the principles of truth, and be girt about with righteousness on the right hand and on the left, to enable us to stand in the midst of desolation, ruin, and misery, that are overhanging a devoted earth; and that as eternal beings we ought to have our eyes open to eternal things, and not be dreaming away our existence, forgetful of what we came into the world to accomplish? (John Taylor, JoD 1:365).

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